TAIPEI (The China Post) – A screenshot of a multiple-choice question from National Chiayi Senior Highschool’s English exam created a stir this week.

日前國立嘉義高中一份英文考卷中提到「 President Tsai-Englishit 」在個人演說中發表愚蠢評論。

The sentence in the test, “President Tsai-Englishit made some silly ____ in her speech,” is believed that have been intentionally written with the purpose of mocking President Tsai Ing-wen.

出題老師將 English(英文)與 shit(屎)做結合,遭外界質疑是辱罵總統蔡英文。

Asked about the incident, Sidney Lin, a spokesperson of the Presidential Office, said that President Tsai did not take the incident seriously. She added that the persons involved in this incident could take it easy.

對此, 總統府發言人林鶴明表示蔡英文不以為意,也請老師和校長不必放在心上。

A few hours later, however, the president posted information on the correct usage of “comment” (the correct answer for the aforesaid question) on her Facebook with a sample sentence: “President Tsai Ing-wen rejects Beijing leader’s unfriendly comments.”

隨後,蔡英文更在臉書上起英文課,要教大家「 Comment 」的正確用法,並用「蔡英文總統拒絕北京領導人不友善的評論」。

She immediately won praises from netizens for standing the ground for her reaction towards China as well as “teaching a lesson and educating the public about the spirit of freedom of speech.”


President Tsai added on Feb. 19 on Facebook some info on the correct usage of “comment,” which often appears in English news, and provided sample usage of the word:

蔡英文今( 19 )日下午在臉書回應英文試題爭議,寫到「 Comment 是一個常在新聞英文中出現的詞彙」,提供例句給各位同學參考:

As a Noun: “President Tsai Ing-wen rejects Beijing leader’s unfriendly comments.”


As a Verb: “As there is no censorship in Taiwan, Brother Caramel can freely comment on public affairs.”


She then asked: “Does everyone get it now?”


President Tsai also hashtagged the words “Freedom of Speech” and “learning English with Ing-wen,” her mandarin name which also means English, again winning praises for her action, such as she had “found a gun again!”


“It’s not just teaching English, but also teaching democracy,” another netizen wrote. “Great, this both about ‘teaching’ and ‘democracy’.”


“This is what a president’s attitude should be,” “This is called humor,” people write. One person also noted that the comment about “finding a gun” is a meme in Taiwanese media regarding President Tsai’s recent stance on China’s threats which were like “if she found a weapon and was brave enough to act.”


The China Post Staff