TAIPEI (The China Post) – “Story of Seasons” – a classic RPG series first released in 1996 – is having a crossover with cartoon series “Doraemon.”


Nintendo announced on Feb. 14 the newest crossover game “Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Seasons” that lets players enjoying rural life as Nobita, Doraemon’s main character.

任天堂在今(14)日舉行的直播中公布了最新作品《哆啦A夢 牧場物語》,讓大家扮演大雄體驗悠閒的農村生活!

The game unfolds in the world of “Story of Seasons” with the main characters in “Doraemon,” Nobita and his friends, working together to run a farm and a small town.


Players can control Nobita to strengthen friendships between friends such as Shizuka. | 大雄可以與靜香等角色交流加深感情。(圖/翻攝自Youtube)

Players can perform actions that are not limited to normal farming games, such as growing crops and raising animals, but they can also enjoy the game through exploring the map, discovering treasures, and catching insects.


Players will control Nobita to enjoy “Story of Seasons” | 玩家可以操作大雄享受牧場物語的樂趣。(圖/萬代南夢宮提供)

The main theme of this crossover, friendly bonds, is expressed through the plot to let players enjoy and feel the friendship formed during interactions.


Most importantly, Doraemon’s famous item, the 4th dimensional pocket, is featured in the game too!


There must be some animals in “Story of Seasons” | 既然是「牧場物語」,那當然要養一些牛、羊囉。(圖/萬代南夢宮提供)

This game is developed together by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., Brownies Inc., and Marvelous Inc.

本作由「Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.、Brownies Inc. 、Marvelous Inc.」共同開發。

There are all kinds of facilities in the farm for players to use. | 農場中有各式各樣的設施可以使用。(圖/萬代南夢宮提供)

With the nostalgic art style and unique game universe, this game is something that fans of “Doraemon” and “Story of Seasons” shouldn’t miss.