NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) – Indonesia is the world’s most generous country according to the CAF World Giving Index.

The CAF World Index provides insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world. The report measures the generosity levels of the countries by looking at three key aspects of giving behavior: Donations to charity, Help provided to a stranger and Volunteering at an organization.

Indonesia tops the list for the first time with a score of 59 percent. The country’s participation in volunteering is the highest in the world at 53 percent, while its people’s participation in donating money and helping a stranger is 78 and 46 percent, respectively.

Second in Asia and at seventh place globally is Singapore with a score of 54 percent. The country has improved its ranking jumping from 41st place last year to second place this year.

The improvement is ascribed to an increase in its volunteering score from 25 percent to 30 percent which may be a result of a number of schemes to increase volunteering over recent years in the country.

Myanmar had the top spot since 2014 but has gone down to ninth position with a score of 54 percent.

All three of Myanmar’s scores decreased since last year: donating money is down from 91 percent to 88 percent, helping a stranger is down from 53 percent to 40 percent and volunteering time is down by the largest amount, from 51 percent to 34 percent.

According to the report, this decrease could be due to the Rohingya crisis when became less willing to donate and contribute their services to social causes.

Sri Lanka and Mongolia are ranked 27 and 45 with a score of 45 percent and 39 percent respectively. Nepal is ranked 52 with a score of 37 percent.

South Korea is ranked 60th with a score of 34 percent. The country has scored less in all three areas especially in volunteering services at 15 percent, helping a stranger 47percent, and donating money 40percent. It is followed by Thailand at 61 with a score of 34 percent.

Bangladesh is ranked 74 with a score of 31 percent.  It is followed by the Philippines ranked 89 with a score of 28 percent.

Pakistan and India are ranked 91 and 124 with a score of 28 and 22 respectively. Japan is ranked 128 followed by Laos at 134 with a score of 22 and 20 percent respectively.

Cambodia and China are the least generous countries ranked 140 and 142 with a score of 18 and 17percent respectively.