TAIPEI (The China Post) – How affordable exactly is Taiwan medical care system? A young American who currently lives here shared his hospital experience on Facebook and his story went viral.


After vomiting and suffering diarrhea, Kevin Bozeat went to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. At the very beginning, he was worried about the cost of the medical treatment, so he endured the pain for some time.


Later that night his condition worsened and Bozeat was accompanied to NTU hospital by his Taiwanese roommate. The experience made him realize the quality care Taiwan provides.


What came as a surprise to him was that the bill was only NT$2,400 (US$80).

重點是就算沒健保,帳單也只要台幣 2400 左右,便宜得讓他吃驚。

The post he shared on Facebook regarding the quality and affordability of the care he received attracted 180,000 shares and 10,000 likes.

博凱文在臉書發表一篇關於在台灣就診享有優質醫療又便宜的文章,吸引 18 萬人次分享、10 萬人按讚。

In his post he talked about he was having acute gastroenteritis and was vomiting every 30 to 40 minutes. At the end, his stomach was completely empty but he was still throwing up, nothing but stomach fluid and bile.

內容講述他得了嚴重的急性腸胃炎,每隔 3、40 分鐘就會嘔吐,吐到最後胃都空了變乾嘔胃液和膽汁。

As soon as he arrived at NTU hospital, he was immediately checked-in by an English-speaking nurse.


“Within 20 minutes I was given IV fluids and anti-emetics. They took blood tests and did an ultrasound to ensure it wasn’t gall stones or appendicitis. From there I was given a diagnosis: a particularly severe case of Acute Viral Gastroenteritis (aka the stomach flu),” Bozeat said in his post.

「在 20 分鐘內,醫生幫我緊急打點滴並給我止吐藥,另外幫我做了多種檢查,以確保不是膽結石或闌尾炎,最後迅速的得到診斷,我是嚴重急性腸胃炎。」

He further added that in the U.S., without insurance the cost for medical fare is often hundreds or even thousands USD. However, the speedy and quality care comes effortlessly in Taiwan.


“Given this experience, I no longer have a reason to fear or hesitate getting care in Taiwan should I ever need it. America, it’s time to stop making excuses.” He concluded by calling out to the U.S. government to make a change.