Balmy weather forecast for 228 holiday in central, southern Taiwan

TAIPEI (CNA) – The weather will be sunny and warm in central and southern Taiwan during the four-day 228 Peace Memorial Day holiday that started Thursday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

However, the greater Taipei area, Keelung, Yilan and Hualien will not experience sunny skies until Saturday, the CWB said.

On Thursday, strengthening northeasterly winds are expected to bring sporadic rain to northern and eastern Taiwan, with daytime high temperatures to hit 20-22 degrees Celsius in the north, and 24-25 degrees in Yilan and Hualien in the east.

Meanwhile, areas of central and southern Taiwan, as well as Taitung in the east, can expect wide day-night temperature disparity, with highs expected to hit 27-30 degrees, while the mercury could fall to 17-20 degrees at night.

The influence of northeasterly winds will continue through Friday, bringing cool weather to northern and northeastern Taiwan throughout the day, with chances of intermittent rain in the north and east and high temperatures of about 20 degrees.

Central and southern Taiwan and Taitung can expect cloudy to sunny skies, with highs forecast to reach 26-28 degrees.

With weakening northeasterly winds, the mercury will rebound Saturday, and northern Taiwan is expected to experience sunny skies. Highs will hit 25-26 degrees in northern Taiwan, 27-28 degrees in the east and 30 degrees in the south, the CWB forecast.

A cold front will pass through Taiwan Sunday, and northeasterly winds will strengthen, bringing wetter and cooler weather to northern Taiwan, with highs falling by 3-4 degrees.

Northern, central and eastern Taiwan as well as mountainous areas in the south can expect sporadic showers.

The cooler weather will continue in northern Taiwan until Monday and Tuesday, with the mercury likely to fall to 15 degrees, according to the CWB.

By Wang Shu-fen and Evelyn Kao