Newest gameplay revealed in ‘Dead or Alive 6’

TAIPEI (The China Post) – “Dead or Alive 6”, the latest version of the popular fighting game series, was released across Taiwan today. The new release not only maintained its high-quality rendering and special fighting trick, “rock paper scissors,” but also introduced a new fighting system called “Fatal Rush.”

Japanese Media Dengeki PS created a demo video of ‘Dead or Alive 6’ | 日媒《電擊PS》製作了《生死格鬥6》全角色必殺技展示影片。(圖/翻攝自YouTube)

Japanese media Dengeki PS (電撃PS) created a demo video featuring all 24 default character plus 2 pre-order character ’s moves for the Fatal Rush system and Break Gauge system as a trailer of the game.

Fatal Rush is one of the new features in this installation. Players can perform combo skills just by spamming the button.

If the Break Gauge is full at the same time, the last combo would transform into “Break Blow” to quickly burst down your opponent.

Create Easy combos by smashing buttons | 連按按鍵就能打出帥氣連段,根本是手殘玩家救星。(圖/翻攝自YouTube)

But because Fatal Rush only consists of pre-programmed combos, if the opponent uses another new system, called “Break Hold,” he or she could neglect all the attacks from Fatal Rush and strike back.

Players would need to be careful about when to use Fatal Rush when playing against a good player.

“Dead or Alive 6” was released today in Taiwan. PS Store and Microsoft Store will also release a demo deluxe version on March 23-24. This will be a great chance for players to experience the new features.