Singapore man denies girlfriend’s pregnancy, dumping newborn in Taiwan

TAIPEI (CNA) – A Singaporean man suspected of dumping a newborn baby girl his girlfriend had given birth to while they were in Taipei has denied committing such an act, and even rejected claims that his girlfriend was pregnant, a Singapore media report said yesterday.

According to Singapore-based Shin Min Daily News, the boyfriend also denied that his girlfriend, also a Singaporean, gave birth to and abandoned the baby.

The incident came into the spotlight after a dead baby girl was found dumped in a kitchen waste container in Taipei in front of a barbecue restaurant in Ximending district in the early hours of Feb. 26.

The bagged waste from the container was later transported by a garbage truck to a recycling company in Xindian District in New Taipei, and a company employee discovered the body wrapped in a black plastic bag when clearing the waste from the truck.

The baby girl, found with the umbilical cord and placenta intact, was believed to have been disposed of shortly after birth, Taipei police said.

Based on street camera footage, police identified a male suspect seen throwing a black plastic bag into a container full of kitchen waste at around 3 a.m. that day.

Police later determined that the man, in his 20s, checked into a hotel in Ximending in Taipei with a woman after arriving in Taiwan on Feb. 19.

The couple, said to be from Singapore, left Taiwan for Singapore on the afternoon of Feb. 26.

After learning about the news, the man’s parents said they were unsure if his girlfriend was pregnant, but confirmed that the couple was indeed in Taiwan for holiday during that period, the report said.

His parents insisted that if the allegations were true, their son will have to face the consequences of his actions, but if the allegations turned out to be unfounded accusations, they will go to the police to prove their son’s innocence, according to the report.

Authorities in Taipei, meanwhile, questioned why the woman was allowed to fly from Singapore to Taiwan so far into her pregnancy.

Police handling the case told CNA on Friday evening that they suspect the woman had given birth to a baby in their hotel bathroom, as traces of bloodstain were discovered there.

A DNA test on bloodstain collected from the hotel room where the couple had stayed will help police determine if it matches the baby girl’s DNA, police explained.

Taiwan’s authorities, meanwhile, are calling on the couple to return here to help with the investigation and facilitate the DNA test.

Taipei police said they have not requested the Singaporean authorities to launch an investigation into the couple.

By Huang Hsu-sheng and Ko Lin