TAIPEI (The China Post) – New mobile baseball game “Baseball King” developed by Korean company Neowiz is distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau through Cayenne Tech.


Players need to play in PVP mode to join higher level leagues. | 想獲得提升階級和進入更高的聯盟,就必須挑戰PVP系統。(圖/官方提供)

Players can sign up for an account through the pre-release sign-up program to receive multiple items that would help players to live through the early game easier.


“Baseball King” aims to provide an exciting gaming experience through its anime-style visuals and real-time PVP mode.


Players can communicate through emotes (BM). | 玩家在PVP途中也可透過貼圖與其他玩家交流。(圖/官方提供)

Registering more than hundred active players from the 4 teams in CPBL (Taiwan’s professional baseball league), players can form their own team, develop with the resources gained from completing different missions, and form the best line up they have in their mind.


The PVP (Player versus Player) system is the biggest highlight of this game. Players can join the PVP mode after finishing the rookie season in regular mode.


Loot boxes reward players with various cards according to the loot box level. | 戰利品箱會依級別不同而獲得不同的球員卡片。(圖/官方提供)

Players will be matched up randomly with other players to win loot boxes and improve their team. The higher the league the player wins in, the more rewarding the loot boxes become.


“Baseball King” PVP mode starts at top 8th inning of the game and will enter sudden death mode starting in the 10th. The game would randomly assign a team to bat first. Players can communicate with an opponent through emotes.


Higher level leagues would provide better loot boxes. | 越高階級聯盟能拿到的戰利品箱也越高級。(圖/官方提供)

The winning player would be rewarded with ranking points and loot boxes, with loot boxes automatically starting the unpacking wait time and could be opened once the unpacking is done.


Higher level loot boxes would take longer to unlock but the process can be sped up through golden ball that could be bought with in-app purchase.


Improving line up through analyzing leaderboard. | 透過PVP排行榜研究敵軍黃金陣容,進而朝向成為冠軍的寶座。(圖/官方提供)

Baseball King’s PVP ranking mode results would be analyzed each week by the system to determine whether the player would enter a league higher, remaining in the current league, or dropping a league.


Players can also look at the top 100 players’ team on the ranking list to investigate the best line up and march towards the throne of victory.