Forensics on body of discarded newborn will be ready soon: police

TAIPEI (CNA) – The results of a DNA test and an autopsy on the body of a newborn that was found in a trash can in New Taipei will be completed soon, police said today.

The autopsy will be carried out next Tuesday and the DNA report will also be ready early next week, which will help determine whether the baby girl was already dead when the body was dumped in the garbage can in Ximending in the early hours of Feb. 26, the New Taipei Police Department said.

The case was reported when an employee at a recycling company found the body wrapped in a black plastic bag in a truckload of waste in Xindian District later that same day.

Based on street camera footage, police later identified a male suspect, who was seen tossing a black plastic bag into a kitchen waste bin at around 3 a.m. that day.

Police determined that the man, in his 20s, had arrived in Taiwan from Singapore Feb. 19, checked into a hotel in Ximending with a woman, also from Singapore, and had departed the country for Singapore on the afternoon of Feb. 26.

The woman is suspected of giving birth to the baby in the hotel.

Police have obtained other surveillance footage of the two Singaporeans, including images of the woman with an apparent baby bump, and collected samples of bloodstains in the bathroom of the hotel where they had stayed.

After obtaining the DNA test results, police said, they will turn over the case to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office, which will make a formal request to authorities in Singapore for assistance in the investigation.

The woman’s father told reporters in Singapore on Saturday that if she was involved in the case, she would have to deal with the consequences because she is an adult.

He said he had not noticed any difference in his daughter’s appearance either before or after her trip to Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the man’s father told reporters that his son had not showed up at home for several days.

“Right now I’m more worried than anyone else,” he said, adding that he had been unable to reach his son even by cellphone and was considering reporting him as missing.

By Huang Tzu-chiang and Ko Lin