New York Times lauds ‘Dear Ex’ as ‘heartbreaking and heartwarming’

TAIPEI (The China Post) – ‘Dear Ex’ has won acclaims at the Golden Horse Awards and Taipei Film Festival and has started streaming globally on Netflix since Feb.1.

The Taiwan production has also struck a chord with the rest of the world and made it to the movie review on The New York Times.

The New York Times described the movie as ‘heartbreaking and heartwarming,’ and praised its color hue and the well-rounded portrayal of the characters.

The newspaper concluded the review by saying: ‘The directors Mag Hsu and Hsu Chih-yen always right the ship, balancing oversaturated flashbacks with a nuanced portrait of love that endures both trials and time.’

Famous American film critic Bob Mondello further mentioned the film in an interview about this year’s Oscars predictions by saying “Thank you Netflix for showing me the Taiwanese film ‘Dear Ex.’ It is the best movie I’ve ever watched this year!”

Aside from lauding main actor’s performance (Roy Chiu), he described the movie as ‘receiving overwhelming recognition among the critics’ circle.’

What’s more, one of the critics at U.S. National Public Radio (NPR) complemented the movie by saying “Taiwan is often recognized as the most LGBT-friendly region in Asia, making the existence and wide availability of films like “Dear Ex” a welcome cultural development. Considering the U.S.’s own mainstream movie industry has been remarkably slow to tell similar stories without patronizing characters like Jay, perhaps American filmmakers could learn something here, as well,” the critic said.