TRA touts train travel with cherry blossom views

TAIPEI (CNA) – The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) yesterday listed nine routes or stations across the country that either feature cherry blossoms or provide easy access to scenic areas to view the flower in bloom during this time of year.

The routes are:

  1. Shanjia Station in New Taipei: Take a three-minute walk to the Shulin Land Office to see the cherry blossoms
  2. Hsinchu Station: Walk about 11 minutes to Hsinchu Park.
  3. Neiwan Line in Hsinchu: Cherry blossoms are visible along the railway line, including the stops at Hexing, Neiwan, and Hengshan stations.
  4. Tai’an Station in Taichung: Take the shuttle bus at the station for cherry blossom viewing at the Tai’an Police Station.
  5. Taichung Station: Take the Nantou Bus Transportation Co.-operated service from there to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Nantou.
  6. Changhua Station: Cherry blossoms are right inside the station.
  7. Checheng Station in Nantou: Cherry blossoms can be seen along nearby tracks.
  8. Chiayi Station: Take the Alishan Forest Railway to enjoy cherry blossom views along the alpine line.
  9. Luodong Station in Yilan: Take the free shuttle (red line) to Stop R3 and walk another three minutes to the Shiliufen Canal for cherry blossom viewing on the riverbank.

By Wang Shu-fen and Lee Hsin-Yin