Drunk foreigner insults female police officer

The foreign teacher is seen arguing with police officers. (Courtesy of New Taipei City Police Department)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – A 28-year-old English teacher was arrested at Yonghe Precinct station, New Taipei Police Department, after he physically and verbally assaulted a female police officer.

The American teacher, named Stephen, reportedly, spit at a policewoman and called her a “bitch” in English while roaring drunk.

Police investigations show that Stephen, who works as a private tutor in Taipei, was arrested on Nov. 2, 2018, for harassing a shop clerk at a supermarket in Yonghe District.

On Nov. 14, he hurled insults again at police officers outside the Dingxi MRT Station and pulled off equipment from a police officer’s utility belt, before attempting to flee the scene.

Police said that Stephen was under the influence of alcohol on Feb. 28 when he ran into the Yonghe Precinct station of the New Taipei Police Department and caused disturbances again.

After being persuaded to leave, the foreign teacher went back to the police station 3 hours later, where he called the on-duty female police officer a “bitch” in English before spitting at her.

He was finally handcuffed and arrested for verbally abusing and obstructing a police officer in accordance with regulations.

The China Post Staff