TAIPEI (The China Post) – Forever 21, the American fast fashion retailer, will close another store before the end of March, raising concerns that it would fully withdraw from Taiwan’s market, local media said on March 1.

美國快時尚品牌Forever 21,在去年結束台灣首家門市後,今(1)日又傳出,將於3月底結束另一家門市,恐全面撤出台灣市場。

Forever 21 already closed its flagship store at Att 4 fun shopping mall complex in Xinyi District in the second half of last year, according to the company, which allegedly sent letters to its staff about the pullout from the local market. The information came as no surprise as the company failed to reach its sales targets last year, leading to the aforementioned decision.

Forever 21在台首家店成立於北市信義區的Att 4 fun,去年下半年就已收攤,該品牌今天也傳出,已發信給在台員工,指出因為台灣業績不理想、連年虧損,因此決定撤出台灣市場。

The decision hasn’t been confirmed by the company headquarters though.


In related news, U.S. clothing retailer Gap Inc. announced that its subsidiary brand, Old Navy, is ready to be listed as a separate corporation in the near future, following a plan to close 230 Gap stores worldwide within the next 2 years. The plan again raised concerns that Taiwan stores could be included in the closure.

而美國服飾零售商蓋璞公司(Gap Inc.),也在昨天宣布要分拆為兩家公司,旗下品牌Old Navy會獨立上市,未來2年內,會關閉Gap全球超過230間門市,台灣恐怕也會受到影響。

According to media reports, Gap Inc.’s operations division totaled 3,688 shops by the end of 2018. The retail corporation said it is ready to attract even greater amounts of consumers by launching a rebranding that could up its business cachet.


Gap Inc. also plans to close more than 230 stores worldwide over the next two years, launching a decrease in fast-fashioned brands’ investments in bricks and mortar.