Taiwan Lantern Festival attracts more than 10 million visitors

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The recently concluded 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival attracted a tremendous number of visitors at Dapeng Bay in Pingtung.

According to Pingtung County Government, up to 1.69 million people visited the festival on March 1 while over 10.05 million paid a visit to the event during the celebrations.

The number of visitors hit a record high on March 1 as the festival was flooded by the public for the Feb. 28 holiday.

Visitors also experienced some congestions on the roads leading to and from the international event. With the efforts of the local government, traffic wound down after the first day and only mild traffic congestions occurred occasionally.

Director Huang Chien-Chia from the Project Office said that the last visitor got on the shuttle bus at 23:45 p.m. “The staff will only get off duty until the departure of the last bus. I hope the public can be assured and enjoy the festival!” the director further stressed.