Alishan cherry blossom festival to feature steam train rides

TAIPEI (CNA) – Two steam train guided tours will be available during the upcoming Alishan cherry blossom festival, the Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office said yesterday.

The Alishan National Scenic Area’s annual cherry blossom festival will run from March 9 to April 10.

The guided tours will be available on March 20 and March 27, with each ride limited to a maximum of 100 passengers, the office said.

Visitors participating in the tours will be able to take steam train rides along the Alishan Forest Railway Zhaoping Line, which runs through the recreation area, for a relaxing and scenic tour.

The tours will include snacks and lunch, as the train stops at several scenic spots along the railway line such as the historic Erwanping Station, which was first opened on Oct. 1, 1912.

Visitors will also visit Siaoliyuanshan platform, where they can enjoy first hand a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains.

More information on the Alishan cherry blossom festival and train tour are available on the office’s website at or on its Facebook page:

By Huang Guo-fang and Ko Lin