New Costa Venezia cruise to set sail from Keelung port

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The new Costa Venezia cruise by Costa Cruises, which was specially designed for the Chinese market, left Trieste in northeastern Italy on March 1 and will soon set sail from Taiwan in May.

歌詩達郵輪最新旗艦級「威尼斯號 Venezia」,是專為華人市場設計的全新郵輪,於義大利時間 3 月 1 日在的里雅斯特港正式下水,5 月將於台灣進行首航。

The Costa Venezia is the first cruise to be named by a city in the world, Venice of which the design and spirits originate from.


With a total tonnage of 135,000 tons, the Costa Venezia can accommodate more than 5,200 passengers. The many classic scenes of Venice are rebuilt onboard including St. Mark’s Square, Grand Canal, Bridge of Sighs and Phoenix Theatre.

總噸數共 13.5 萬噸,可容納超過 5,200 名旅客,船內復刻建置威尼斯多個經典場景,包括聖馬克廣場、貢多拉大運河、嘆息橋及鳳凰劇院等。

The boat’s naming ceremony was held on March 1, with Italy’s aerobatic team “Tricolor Arrows” driving the military jets and kicking off the event by leaving spectacular green-white-red smoke trails in the bright blue sky

3 月 1 日正式舉行威尼斯號下水命名典禮,找來義大利國家三色箭飛行表演隊,以軍機噴射代表義大利國旗的綠、白、紅三色噴煙的飛行表演,為命名儀式拉開序幕。

In hope of bringing good luck to the newly designed ship, the Trieste archbishop dedicated a prayer for the cruise and had the traditional “throwing ceremony” by throwing the champagne on the bow.


The Costa Venezia will officially set sail to Asia on March 8 and will debut from Keelung, Taiwan on May 9. It is the very first time for a cruise ship to choose Taiwan as the starting point for the Asian route.

威尼斯號將於 3 月 8 日正式啟航前往亞洲,於 5 月 9 日在基隆港進行首航,是第一次有郵輪業者選擇台灣作為亞洲航線的起點。

After the maiden voyage from Taiwan, the cruise will be based in Shanghai as its home port in the future to serve passengers in the Greater China region.