DOUCHANGLEE攜手旅日藝術家李漢強 翻玩時尚錯置美學 | DOUCHANGLEE joins hands with Taiwanese artist Lee Kan Kyo

TAIPEI (The China Post) – DOUCHANGLEE, Taiwan’s well-known fashion brand, recently joined hands with Taiwanese artist Lee Kan Kyo to launch its 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show.


The designer duo, composed of Stephane Dou and ChangLee Yugin, combined Lee’s hand-paint artwork in their latest designs to reinterpret the combination of cultures among common people and the practicability of wearing.


DOUCHANGLEE was established in 1995. The brand, which was repositioned in 2014 in order to develop across foreign markets, is not only renowned for its sharp yet gentle approach that conveys the contemporary culture, but also its sharp design and focuses on color tension.


Looking for a balance between retro and future, the designers are good at using innovative design techniques to form a strong contrast with classic tailoring. Its design concept is to turn the tangible into abstract symbols.


The main design concept this season is “Signal Confusion.” Through the alternation of lines and plaids, and the use of neon, perspective, plastic tassels, and other effects, the hippie atmosphere of the 1970s is brought back to life.


Besides, the new collection vividly showcases the illusion of spatial displacement brought about by massive information and various cultural symbols under the era of internet technology.


The interpretation with this kind of meta-modernism style – shirts transformed into dresses or long skirts, suits combined with chiffon, tassels made of colored plastic ropes and black mesh bags, which is of much Taiwanese essence;


simple and disorderly style interlaced between stripes and the cubist collage combined with elegant outlines, all cleverly forms an elegant, grotesque and yet extremely reasonable misplaced atmosphere under “Signal Confusion.”


Asked about the new collection, Design Director ChangLee Yugin said: “The brand is scanning the signal mixing phenomenon in the lives of people; in fact, it is representing a new dressing attitude between order and disorder.”


“We rematch and collide various elements such as male-female ratio, soft and hard lines, practicalism and decorativeness so that the contemporary chaotic aesthetics displays the misplacement vibe.”


“Business Service,” Artist Lee Kan Kyo’s colorful painting, is fully displayed in the design as well, allowing the fashion haute couture to regain the charm from the culture of common people.

藝術家李漢強 Lee Kan Kyo手繪畫作《工商服務》中斑瀾的色彩也充分展現於單品之中,讓時尚高訂重新找回屬於庶民的文化魅力。

The artwork – the classification of newspaper advertisement, symbolizes all walks of life and the characteristics people in the society own. At the same time, sub-groups and cultural exchanges from different ethnic groups all bring changes and more room for interpretation to the already diverse world.