TAIPEI (The China Post) – Rumor has it that Barbie Hsu, known as Big S, is considering divorcing her husband, Wang Xiaofei, over various arguments about money.


Hsu said that “there is no marriage crisis between us so far” in response to media inquiries. The couple, who is married since 2011, has two children.


According to Mirror Media, Hsu has been considering divorce and her mother wants them to keep finances strictly separated because Hsu and Wang have been fighting about profits from S Hotel.

據《鏡週刊》報導,大S與汪小菲最近常因S Hotel的業績爭吵,不僅大S有離婚想法,S媽甚至還希望兩人的財務獨立。

In response to Apple Daily, Hsu said she wouldn’t be in conflict with someone over money and that she only gets mad when Wang’s louder voice wakes children up when he comes back from company dinner at night.


Hsu’s mother said, they have fights because Hsu wants children to study in Taipei but Wang hopes that they can go to China. The decision hasn’t been made so far.