Drunk driving recidivists to receive ‘funeral courses’ at Taipei funeral parlor

TAIPEI (The China Post) – In order to curb drunk driving, the Banciao Motor Vehicles Supervision Station under Taipei Motor Vehicles Office came up with a lecture yesterday (Mar.7) for recidivists at the New Taipei City Funeral Parlor.

The Banciao Station worked with the funeral management office and Taiwan Against Drunk Driving (TADD), giving the lecture at the funeral hall and turning it into a farewell ceremony decorated with posters of victims who passed away from drunk driving accidents.

It is hoped that through such lectures, the 76 recidivists would recognize the preciousness of life and learn to cherish the lives of others, thus preventing the incidents from happening over and over again.

The course was first guided by the curator Huang Fang-tzu to explain the process of the body entering the funeral parlor, and followed by the lecturees knowing the mortuary and feeling the mortuary trolley, etc.

Lin Mei-na, secretary-general of the TADD, also gave a life education course at the farewell ceremony hall.

Lin pointed out that the purpose of such lectures is for the lecturees to truly understand the fragility of life since once occurred, the incidents could cause indelible harm for the family members.