TAIPEI (The China Post) – Which city is the richest in the world? According to the 2019 Wealth Report, conducted by real estate research institute Knight Frank, Taipei ranks 8th and even runs neck and neck with high-tech city Seoul.

全球哪個城市富豪最多呢?不動產研究機構《萊坊》( Knight Frank )公布2019 年財富報告,台北市竟名列第8,甚至和3C大國南韓首爾不分高下。

The report compares the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) with assets of more than US$30 million dollars from cities around the world, among which London ranks first, followed by Tokyo and Singapore.

《萊坊》最新財富報告比較全球各城市資產超過 3000 萬美元的超級富豪人數,其中英國倫敦位居第一,其次依序為日本東京、新加坡。

London has the largest population of 4,944, while Tokyo and Singapore come next with 3,732 and 3,598, respectively. New York, the U.S. financial center, which unexpectedly falls to the 4th place with only 3,378 people, is even the only U.S. city that makes it to the list.

以人數來看,光是倫敦就有 4944 人、東京 3732 人、新加坡 3598人,而金融重鎮的美國紐約出乎意料落到第 4 名,僅有 3378 人,甚至是美國唯一擠進前 10 名的城市。

Liam Bailey, global head of research at Knight Frank, says that London deserves the first place as it has even more industries than the U.S.

萊坊全球居住研究主管貝利(Liam Bailey)則表示,倫敦本身有許多產業,更遙遙領先美國,第一名實至名歸。

The top 10 cities are London (4,944), Tokyo (3,732), Singapore (3,598), New York (3,378), Beijing (1,673), Paris, France (1,667) Seoul, South Korea (1,594), Taipei, Taiwan (1,519), Zurich, Switzerland (1,507), Sao Paulo, Brazil (1,352).

前 10 名名次依序為英國倫敦( 4944 人)、日本東京( 3732 人)、新加坡新加坡市( 3598 人)、美國紐約( 3378 人)、中國大陸北京( 1673 人)、法國巴黎( 1667 人)、韓國首爾( 1594 人)、台灣台北( 1519 人)、瑞士蘇黎世( 1507 人)、巴西聖保羅( 1352 人)。

The report also points out that the super-rich live in large cities and take business opportunities, lifestyle, medical care and transportation, and other factors into consideration.