Tigerair flight disembarkation delayed due to ‘hole in runway’

TAIPEI (The China Post) – A ‘hole in runway’ at Taoyuan Airport caused long delays for Tigerair flight IT237, which returned from Hakodate yesterday on March 7 — passengers waited for about an hour before eventually disembarking.

Asked about the reason for the delay, the company blamed “over-sliding,” saying that the flight was waiting for help from a trailer. Also, owing to ground operation issues, the reason was later found out and instructions were thus given by the tower.

The airline replied that the flight landed on the north runway at 16:15. However, the runway was already closed at 16:12 owing to “hole damage.”

The flight was near cargo apron at the time. Tigerair decided to request the airport to allow passengers to get off from the cargo apron since the time for airport reopening hadn’t been announced yet.

The EC runway was reopened at 17:10. However, at the time the connection hadn’t been arranged, yet so the airline asked for permission from the tower. Trailer was sent to pull the aircraft back to air bridge B3 and passenger stated to disembark at 17:17.