Taiwan’s first e-sports landmark in Asia – i hotel

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Located in Zhongli, the i hotel – Zhongli Flagship is the first e-sports themed hotel in Asia to combine hotel and e-sports. Attracting wild attention and many foreign players, the hotel has now become one of Taiwan’s e-sports landmarks.

As you walk into the hotel, you will see the grand e-sports hall, whose design is on par with major gaming establishments around the world, that triggers players’ competitiveness and eagerness to battle.

Also, the large screen at the back of the hall allows e-sports fans to watch real-time battles so that the entire room is filled with high and enthusiastic spirits.

Among other highlights, the hotel boasts various room types, including the quad room – spacecraft-shaped decorated with fantastic blue light and high-tech instruments that make those who stay in feel like living in the boundless universe.

As the first e-sports hotel in Asia, i hotel has attracted quite a lot of attention from foreign livestream broadcasters and e-sports fans in recent years.

What’s more? Many teams coming to Taiwan name to stay at the hotel in order to better concentrate on training. The location has become an alternative “pilgrimage site” for domestic and foreign players alike.

As e-sports has gradually become one of the mainstream sports competitions and the industry rapidly growing around the world, Taiwan as one of the first countries where ‘nerd economy’ takes root is doing quite well in this regard.