Microsoft sues Hon Hai for not complying with patent-licensing agreements

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Tech giant Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Foxconn parent company Hon Hai this week, claiming that the company failed to comply with a patent-licensing agreement from 2013. In response, Hon Hai stated that “the group will not comment on ongoing cases.”

According to Chinese media Sina Finance and CNBC, the Windows-maker accused Hon Hai of not providing two royalty reports on some products each year and not being able to pay the royalties on time. The lawsuit was submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

According to the indictment, Hon Hai has agreed to be audited by a third party, Deloitte in 2017, but failed to provide any of the requested documents.

It’s still unclear which products are covered in the agreement, but Microsoft stated in 2013 that it has reached a patent agreement with Hon Hai on Android and Chrome OS devices with a copy of the agreement submitted to the court.

“Microsoft is serious about its contractual commitments and hopes that other companies will do the same. The relationship between Microsoft and Hon Hai is very important, and efforts are being made to resolve the differences,” Microsoft spokesperson said.