G.E.M. denies high endorsement fee claimed by Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Hong Kong singer Tang Tsz-kei, professionally known by her stage name G.E.M., will stage a concert in Kaohsiung in April, even though, her high endorsement fee sparked controversy with the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau.

In response to media inquiries on this issue, however, the singer’s agent said on March 9 that they have never received a call from Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau.

According to the director-general of Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau, Pan Heng-hsu, the endorsement fee for the concert and tourism promotion is as high as NT$6 million.

“We have never received a call from the Tourism Bureau and we don’t even know about such a price,” her agent said.

In fact, Pan has long wanted to invite Tang Tsz-kei to work as a spokesperson for the local tourism agency. He even said that Tang would become the spokesperson starting in April during a radio program.

The director-general eventually admitted that the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau didn’t want to spend such budget but hoped to exchange such favor in some other ways.