Taipei Metro to raise awareness of global warming for Earth Hour 2019

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Earth Hour 2019 will unfold on March 30 worldwide. This year, green beauty brand O’right, which serves as the Taiwan brand ambassador, has worked with Taipei Metro to decorate a carriage with 3D painting, in an attempt to raise the awareness towards global warming among commuters.

According to the UN IPCC Special Report, the global average temperature will be 1.5 degrees Celsius higher in 2030 than before industrialization in the 19th century. What’s more, 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record. Accordingly, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently warned: “We are now at the last possible moment to save the species from extinction.”

Earth Hour is a campaign held by the WWF every year in March. So far, more than 188 countries and regions and more than 18,000 landmarks around the world have participated. Hundreds of celebrities have also come out in support and millions have shared the event on Facebook to make a commitment altogether.

The event in Taiwan will feature Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien as the event ambassador. From now until May 30, the campaign train will run on the Tamsui–Xinyi line between Tamsui and Xiangshan Station with 18 departures every day.

The public is invited to support the event by taking the metro. You can also get your own exclusive profile picture on Facebook through the campaign’s website.