TAIPEI (The China Post) – To better understand public opinion on energy policies, the Taiwan Research Institute (TRI, 台灣綜合研究院) recently conducted a survey on Taiwan’s current energy structure, power supply stability, the recent referendum, and nuclear energy issues through a questionnaire this month. The results show that the public has a limited understanding of the aforementioned issue, the think tank said.


According to the survey, most people want more non-nuclear power sources and the reduction of thermal power generation. As for the development of nuclear power, the greatest concern is the potential threat of nuclear waste. Under the promise of a stable power supply, the public is, therefore, inclined towards not relying on nuclear power, TRI said.


Meanwhile, up to 58.8% of respondents think that the main source of electricity in Taiwan is produced by nuclear energy, followed by coal-fired power. However, the secondary energy source is gas, of which only 4.3% of respondents think it is one of the main sources of electricity in Taiwan.


On the issue of eliminating nuclear power, 49.2% of respondents agree with the option. The Taiwan Research Institute pointed out that overall, under the premise of a stable power supply, the support rate for a non-nuclear environment is as high as 72.3%.