TutorABC sues competitor for trademark infringement

TAIPEI (The China Post) – TutorABC recently sued American Magazine Center (AMC), an English learning company, whose newly registered trademark “Tutor4U” allegedly infringed on the company’s intellectual property rights of the word “Tutor.”

Based on TutorABC’s successful trademark registration of the names “TutorABC” and “Tutor” in 1997, the Intellectual Property Court ruled that AMC must pay an NT$10 million compensation. AMC has already filed an appeal, however, stating that the word “tutor” is a common English term that shouldn’t be monopolized by a company.

In response to the ruling, TutorABC said that the use of similar brand names in the market could cause confusion among consumers and should be seen as an act of clinging to the company’s business reputation.

As a trademark holder, TutorABC said it was only exerting its right to protect its brand from trademark infringement.

It is not the first time that the company sued competitors though, as several learning centers, all using the term “Tutor” in their brand products, including KOJEN English Centers, Gjun Language Institute, and HiTutor, have been sued by TutorABC in recent years.

These learning centers have decided to collaborate on this issue with some seeing rulings in favor of TutorABC, while other cases are still pending.