TAIPEI (The China Post) – The Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual flower festival in central Taiwan. From March to April each year, various kinds of cherry flowers take turns blooming for the delight of numerous visitors, making Alishan a popular travel destination.


This year, the Forestry Bureau is cooperating with the Alishan National Scenic Area to launch a special promotion that combines hiking with food tasting such as the renowned Fenqihu railway rice lunchbox of which the savory flavors will surely entice you.


Aside from boarding the well-known Alishan Forest Railway, experiencing the beautiful scenery, refreshing winds, and chirping birds, you will watch the sunrise on the sea of clouds and observe fireflies glittering at night. These are some of the many natural treasures Alishan has to offer.


Fireflies can be seen in three seasons. Walking through the nostalgic railway at night, you will see green fluorescent lights gather by the river that will become beautiful memories.


The Alishan National Scenic Area Management Office provides a special itinerary of cherry blossom during the day viewing and firefly watching with tea and coffee tasting, as well as DIY activities, at night.


Organizers hope that visitors could fully immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of Alishan and discover the pleasant forestry.