Far Eastern plane overshoots Kalibo runway; all passengers safe

TAIPEI (CNA) – A Far Eastern Air flight from Taipei, carrying 121 passengers, overshot the runway at Kalibo International Airport in the Philippines on Wednesday but no one was hurt, Philippine authorities said.

“At 6:04 p.m. today, Kalibo International Airport operations were suspended due to a stalled aircraft at the end of runway 05/23,” the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said in an advisory.

Operated by Far Eastern Air, Flight FE321 from Taipei landed safely and all 122 passengers on board were unharmed, the CAAP said.

Initial investigations by airport authorities found that the aircraft ran onto a grassy area while making a 180-degree turn, the CAAP said.

It said the aircraft was towed to a remote parking bay, all the passengers were transported to the Terminal building, and normal operations at the airport resumed after about 90 minutes.

Kalibo International Airport is one of the gateways to the popular resort island Boracay.

By Emerson Lim