TAIPEI (The China Post) – Following the recent crash of a second Boeing 737 MAX 8 in just six months, aviation experts have expressed security concerns around the world, including Taiwan where an assessment on whether such aircraft should be banned from flying in still under consideration, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said.

波音 737 MAX 8 半年內發生兩起意外事故,引發外界對該機型的安全疑慮,至於台灣是否跟進,民航局表示,目前仍在審慎評估當中。

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) already announced on March 12 that the Boeing 737 MAX would be banned to enter its airspace. The European agency in charge of civil aviation safety issued an emergency airworthiness directive (EAD) to civil aviation authorities and airlines around the world.

歐洲航空安全局(European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA)於3月 12 日宣布,禁止波音 737 MAX 機型進出其領空,並對全世界民航局、航空公司發出緊急適航指令。

For now, there aren’t any Taiwanese airlines using the 737 MAX, a narrow-body aircraft series designed and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Still, Thai Lion Air is using the Boeing 737 MAX 8 on its Taipei-Bangkok route.

目前台灣未有航空公司使用波音公司設計製造的737 MAX 機型,僅有泰國獅航使用 737 MAX 8 於台北-曼谷直飛航線。

The CAA said it received the aforesaid EAD as Taiwan possess the right to close the airspace for specific aircraft types. The decision of whether to ban the 737 MAX from other countries from entering Taiwan is still under evaluation, however.

對此民航局表示,確實收到歐洲航空安全局發出的緊急適航指令,台灣的確有權利針對特定機型關閉領空,但是否會禁止他國 737 MAX 機型來台,仍在審慎的評估當中。