Premier Su interpellated by his daughter

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Premier Su Tseng-chang was interpellated on March 15, the last day of this session at the Legislative Yuan, by ruling-Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Su Chiao-hui, who is also his daughter.

To being with, the Premier thanked everybody for supporting Su Chiao-hui with a large smile and a sense of satisfaction on his face. He said: “Being able to see her political performance so closely, I am the luckiest father on Earth!”

“When I questioned former Premier Lin Chuan, my father was also on the opposite side of the stage,” said Su Chiao-hui. Confronting her father for the very first time, the DPP legislator then quoted her father: “You can’t know the script of life in advance. Didn’t expect such a scene, huh?”

Facing the questions from his daughter, the Premier responded that he would work ceaselessly, but at the same time said: “I am very happy and thankful to see her doing well at the parliament so closely. Thank goodness!”

During the interpellation, the father and daughter displayed their tacit understanding fully.

Asked whether Taiwanese trust the government, the Premier answered: “No.”

His daughter further cited a study, suggesting that in strong democratic countries people tend not to trust the government, to which Su Tseng-chang replied that democratic countries value the opinion of individuals compared to totalitarian ones.

At the end of the interpellation, Su Chiao-hui hinted that time was running out, which was followed by the Premier’s original response: “Let’s go home and talk.”

Following their friendly encounter, Su Tseng-chang went to his daughter’s seat to talk, ending the interpellation under a relaxed atmosphere.