Fans take Astro lead singer by surprise

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The concert of K-pop boy band Astro on March 16 at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) drew 2,500 fans, also known as AROHA, to see their favorite band.

Starting the show with songs from the “You Series” — comprising of top singles “Always you,” “With you” and more — JIN JIN, Cha Eun-woo (車銀優), Moon Bin (文彬) and Yoon San-ha (尹產賀) successfully took the audience by storm before performing on the venue’s second and third floors to the surprise of many fans.

Next, the group returned to the stage and sang three songs in a row, before the six members of the South Korean group all hailed the audience in Chinese.

Since receiving the 1st prize in Korean music programs, Astro has decided to carry the momentum forward to bring forth its current “Star Light” tour, leader JIN JIN said. “We sang at TICC with 1,900 people in the audience last year, and it seems like we have even more this year,” JIN JIN said with a sense of pride.

After performing “Hide & Seek,” JIN JIN sat on the floor and said with laughter, “this is insane. I want to go home, but it also takes time to go home.”

Suddenly, an image of a birthday cake was projected onto the screen behind the stage with placards in the audience that read: “We are glad to have met the most handsome captain JIN JIN.”

The surprise seemed to overwhelm JIN JIN, who turned 23. “I am extremely touched to have received so much love in a birthday. I spent my day with great happiness immersing myself in so many words and wishes the fans are willing to provide.

AROHA is the reason for Astro, and I hope to be a better captain over time with all your love and support,” said JIN JIN, who was almost in tears.

Astro performed 23 songs in total in the concert, and the band is scheduled to leave the country today at an undisclosed time.