NT$1,000 subsidy provided for motorcycle training to curb accident rate

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Starting on April 16, you will be entitled to an NT$1,000 subsidy for a motorcycle training aimed at curbing the accident rate, the Directorate General of Highway (DGH) said.

Conducted on a trial basis, the aforesaid training will be part of a three-day program that includes 16 hours of practice for a price ranging between NT$2,800 and NT$3,700.

Thanks to the subsidy, the program will only cost between NT$1,800 and NT$2,700 per person. Don’t wait too long to register though. There are only 8,000 seats available in April.

To prove that you’ve participated in the class, however, video equipment will be added to the motorcycles to verify the identification of each test takers.

According to DGH, the three major groups of people involved in road accidents are drunk drivers, senior citizens, and motorcyclists. However, the latter doesn’t have to take any motorcycle driving lessons prior to the examination, meaning that most people practice on their own before they go to the driving test.

According to the latest data, a total of 270,000 people took the motorcycle test last year, but only 2,800 participated in a training course.

In order to encourage the public to attend such a class, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has allocated a budget of NT$8 million for this program.