President Tsai to register for DPP presidential primary this week

TAIPEI (The China Post) – President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) announced on her Facebook page on March 18 that she will register for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential primary this week, responding to former premier Lai Ching-te’s (賴清德) registration earlier on the same day.

Tsai said that as long as she is the president, she would not allow “one country two systems” and Taiwan will walk towards the world with pride and confidence.

“Please stand side by side with me and tell everyone that our country is on the right path, with our action,” said Tsai.

Tsai also recalled the Sun Flower Movement that unfolded exactly five years ago today, during which students broke into the Legislative Yuan, shouting “defend our democracy and retract the trade deal.”

According to President Tsai, she has tried hard over the past five years to prove that “eggs don’t have to be placed in the same basket and as long as we diversify the market channels, Taiwan’s economy can still reach globally.”

“The number of tourists visiting Taiwan is breaking records and our products are sold worldwide. Besides, we already have four trillion-dollar industries now,” said Tsai Ing-wen with confidence.