2019 Calla Lily Festival blooms at Yangmingshan Bamboo Lake

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taiwan weather always gets warmer in spring, which also marks the beginning of the blooming season for calla lilies at the Bamboo Lake in Yangmingshan. Due to the warm winter this year, the 2019 Calla Lily Festival will run from March 29 to April 28.

Siaoyoukeng (小油坑), a post-volcanic geological park located on Mt. Qixing’s northwestern corner, leads you to the calla lily field where you can see Taiwan blue magpies and other egrets hovering in the misty clouds.

The name of Bamboo Lake dates back from 200 years ago when the Han people first arrived in the region and started cultivating the wasteland covered by muddy bamboo forests.

If you want a break after picking some calla lilies, you can taste some local Taiwanese snacks on the Jhuzihhu Shueiwei Calla Lily Trail (竹子湖海芋步道). There are plenty of local signature dishes such as grilled earth chicken, black pork sausage, and soft-serve ice cream from the Chulu Ranch.

To enjoy a walk among calla lilies, you can take buses No. 8 or No. 128 from MRT Shipai Station, buses No. 9 or No. 129 from MRT Beitou Station, buses No. 109,111, Red 5 or bus No. 260 from the area around MRT Jiantan Station. You can also take buses No. 260 or 1717 leaving from Taipei Main Station too.