7-Eleven to close 400 stores at night due to cost

TAIPEI (The China Post) – “Always Open” stores won’t be opened 24/7 in the future. Around 400 stores nationwide will stop operating at night for operational benefits, according to Uni-President President Hang Jui-tien.

Huang pointed out that some stores are located in business districts where the number of customers decreasing sharply at night. Also, two stores might be too closely located so it isn’t necessary to provide night service for both of them, he said.

“There are two stores by the Love River in Kaohsiung, only one of them runs 24/7 in order to save manpower while reducing costs,” said Huang.

The chain stores will focus on “innovation” in the future, to develop select shops, special products, and digital platforms. It will also cooperate with brands and other goods to expand various types of composite stores based on the needs of different business districts.

For now, there are 1,234 featured stores and the company expects to increase that number to 1,500 franchises at the end of this year.