Kaohsiung fruit deal sparks controversy

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) last month signed an NT$100 million deal with two Singapore supermarkets to establish exclusive areas selling agricultural products from the southern city. Taiwanese netizens noticed, however, that one of the aforesaid areas was already closed, less than two weeks later.

Last February, Han flew to Singapore and Malaysia to promote businesses for the city and signed a three-year contract with FairPrice and Sheng Siong supermarkets to sell agricultural products such as sugar apples and jujubes. The mayor was featured on an advertisement billboard placed next to the exclusive areas.

To many people’s surprise, however, a netizen recently found out that the exclusive area at FairPrice supermarket has already been closed. A picture of the scene was posted on Facebook causing wild discussions online.

Some netizens replied to the post saying: “Well, seems like it’s only a pop-up shop.” “Of course, when a show is finished you need to remove the props!” “You guys don’t understand,” another person said. “It’s just that the amount of products signed for the MOU has already been sold out and that’s it.”

What else? The 10-Chinese-character advertising line which goes “Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Mayor, Han Kuo-yu” in English is particularly amusing. Netizens commented that “The 1:1 scale of Han’s advertisement is hilarious.” “Please don’t do this to Taiwan. You can do it to other countries.”