New Taipei to boost road running economy through tourism

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Aiming at the economic benefits that road running can bring, the New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department will hold large-scale road running contests and design travel itineraries on ancient trails to stimulate the local businesses.

Chang Chi-chiang (張其強), director of the New Taipei City Travel Department, said on March 20 that the government will assist in events organization and share their experience in road running as long as the number of visitors reaches a certain level.

Following the recently concluded Wan Jin Shi Marathon (萬金石馬拉松), the ShuangXi Marathon (雙溪鐵道馬拉松) and Wulai Gorge Marathon will debut next month. Organizers expressed hopes that participants can get to cool down after the race and enjoy a small trip before going home, said Chang.

Meanwhile, the railway is also a main focus of New Taipei’s tourism development. Shenao area, for example, boasts a Rail Bike program that has been almost fully booked ever since it began operations, remarked Chang who also aims to boost the local economy.

The bike trail is expected to offer night operation at the end of June and activities such as “night squid fishing” will be launched by then.

At the same time, you can travel to nearby scenic spots such as the Elephant Trunk Rock, the 13 Layers Remains, and Shuinandong and spend a night or two at a local hostel to experience the scenic areas.