7-Eleven cashier rushes to help visually impaired

TAIPEI (The China Post) – A netizen in Tainan experienced an act of true benevolence on March 20 while at the checkout of a local convenience store: the clerk suddenly rushed outside to help a visually impaired person crossing the street.

Pictures of the scene were later posted to a Facebook group, with the netizen saying he was very moved by the experience. The post received more than 16,000 likes overnight.

After seeing the post online, many people also left comments praising the staff worker saying that “there are still many kind people in the society.”

The store was immediately recognized by others who indicated that it is located on Yanping Road in Tainan, across the fast-food chain restaurant DanDan Burger.

Many netizens also left comments, including “Such a good-hearted clerk.” “What an awesome kid!” “I’ll wait for him no matter how long it takes,” another person said.