Taipei Zoo to close for 10 days starting June 19

(Photo courtesy of Taipei Zoo)

TAIPEI (CNA) – Taipei Zoo will be closed for renovation from June 19-28, the first major makeover for 30 years, the zoo announced yesterday in a press statement.

A wide range of work will be undertaken during the 10-day period, including fixing and maintenance of animal enclosures, repainting, landscaping, leak-proofing of pools and efforts made to enhance visitor experience, the zoo said.

Before making the decision, the zoo researched the practices of zoos in other countries and also asked the public to vote online whether a 10-day break was a good idea or not.

Online voting gathered 30,579 votes, of which 30,058 voters supported the move and 521 disagreed, the zoo authorities said.

The zoo hopes to finish general environmental inspection and facility maintenance through an efficient renovation plan that seeks to improve visitor experience and animal welfare.

Taipei Zoo was originally located in the Yuanshan area and relocated to its present site in Mucha District in 1986.

For more than 30 years, the zoo has been open all year round except on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

As a result, it has previously rotated indoor display areas every Monday to undertake necessary maintenance work. If that day is a national holiday, the maintenance date is pushed back to the next day.

However, such arrangements increase renovation costs and prolong the renovation period, thus affecting the animals, Taipei Zoo said.

By Liu Chien-pang and Emerson Lim