Mercury could dive to 14 degrees Celsius over weekend: CWB

TAIPEI (CNA) – Most areas of Taiwan are expected to experience sunny or cloudy weather Thursday before a new wave of northeasterly winds sets in the next day, pushing temperatures down to as low as 14 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan over the weekend, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Daytime highs are forecast to hit 29-32 degrees Thursday under the influence of stronger southerly winds, but the day-night temperature gap will remain wide, with the mercury expected to slump to 18-21 degrees at night, the CWB said.

Sunny skies are expected for most parts of the island Thursday, with occasional showers forecast in mountainous areas, according to the CWB.

Fog is likely in western Taiwan and on the islands of Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu, the CWB said, warning of poor visibility in those areas.

However, as a weather front sets in early Friday, bringing strong northeasterly winds, the mercury in coastal areas of northern Taiwan in the early hours of the weekend could dive to 14-15 degrees, the CWB said.

Between Sunday and Wednesday, as the northeasterly winds weaken, there will be a chance of intermittent rain in northern and eastern parts of Taiwan and mountainous areas, while the weather in the center and south will be relatively stable, the CWB said, adding that temperatures around the island are expected to rise from Wednesday.

By Chen Wei-ting and Evelyn Kao