Marlins pitcher Chen Wei-yin expresses gratitude to Ichiro Suzuki

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The retirement announcement of Ichiro Suzuki, the Seattle Mariners legend has moved quite a lot of MLB (Major League Baseball) players, including Chen Wei-yin (陳偉殷), a Taiwanese player at the Miami Marlins, who posted a message expressing his gratitude to Facebook.

Suzuki and Chen once played in the same team (Miami Marlins), and the latter, who feels extremely grateful, shared his thoughts in Japanese:

Suzuki San. Thank you so much. I’m doing quite well right now. It was such a pleasure to have been your teammate for two years. Back then, it just felt like God had joined our team and my locker was just beside yours!

Every time before we played, you always had pizza and sushi made by your wife …I miss that a lot. I’ve learned a lot from you about how to be a greater player.

And all the memories we have… we must find time to play again together!