Ding Dang cooperates with R&B singer on new album

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Popular singer Della Ding Dang (丁噹) will launch her ninth solo album “Die Lovin” on April 2. In her lead single’s music video, which is also named “Die Lovin”, she cooperates with R&B singer J.Sheon to create thrills, suspense, and bursting electronic elements.

In line with the song’s dark and fierce emotions, the video team has successfully turned her MV into an American-style black film.

The singers play a couple. J.Sheon plays a serial killer who has murdered several women in the dark operating room of his hair salon. As for Ding Dang, she falls helplessly into the trap, willing to sacrifice her life for love.

The Taiwanese R&B singer J. who lived and studied music in New York, came back to Taiwan to pursue his passion.

During an interview, he said he took several acting classes prior to filming so he has learned how to fathom a character’s past and psychology. “Recently, I’ve been mostly focusing on making music, so I’ve had more time to prepare for this role. And it was quite challenging.”


The singer’s acting skills are quite impressive, playing a crazy murderer, his frantic look brings thrills and fear to the viewers.

Among one of the scenes when the couple fights, they kept on rearranging their positions so as not to hurt each other; however, to maximize the sensation, they used forced perspective and added multiple scenes in order to bring out the intense feelings from the viewers.