Hornets downs Raptors 115-114, Lin scores 0

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Jeremy Lin faced Charlotte Hornets earlier this morning on March 25 in a road trip. With his time on the field reducing more and more with the Raptors, his position in future games is becoming more and more worrisome.

Lin only stayed on the court for six minutes in the entire game and missed his three-pointers in the first quarter. In the second quarter he tried to attack the rim and was denied, but still managed to grab some rebounds.

Lin didn’t manage to score during the entire game, which is his worst performance since he joined the Raptors.

Raptors were leading the game in the final quarter with the help from Kawhi Leonard scoring mid-range. Yet, Jeremy Lamb banked home a half-court 3-pointer at the buzzer with 3.1 seconds left, beating the Raptors 115-114.