Little S brings sparks to Jolin’s ‘Lady In Red’

TAIPEI (The China Post) – C-pop queen Jolin Tsai has cooperated with Dee Hsu, more commonly known as Little S, and Taiwanese actor Bo-Chieh Wang to film the MV of her latest song “Lady In Red.” The music video is set under a suspenseful, thrilling tone and is shot by Cheng Wei-hao, director of the Taiwan horror film “The Tag-Along.”

During pre-filming discussions, both the director and the creative team agreed that Little S is the perfect candidate for the role because “Little S can act!” Luckily the famous actress, who is known for her entertaining hosting skill and a great sense of humor, accepted the invitation quite readily.

Jolin and Little S’ acting sparked great chemistry during the filming. “Do you envy me that I got all the kiss scene and you don’t?” asked the humorous actress and Jolin responded no. This upset the hosting queen big time and she said: “That’s because I have been married for 12 years and you’re not! I would accept any kissing shootings as long as it’s not with my husband!”

As for the lucky actor whose kissing skill got certified by Little S, he finished the scene in two cuts and irritated the actress because apparently, it was way too fast! “How come we are finished already? Can we do this again?” joked the funny actress.