‘Mechanical Souls’ screened at 2019 SXSW Film Festival

TAIPEI (The China Post) – ‘Mechanical Souls’, a VR production made by Taiwan and French creatives and co-acted by Janet Hsieh, and actor George Young, was just screened at SXSW Film Festival, an annual festival featuring films, interactive media, and music that unfolds in Austin, Texas.

The story explores the notions of traditions and technology in the future, as well as the contradictions resulting from the interaction between humans and technology in society.


The movie begins with a couple planning their wedding while their parents are discussing their respective wealth and social status. The scene is followed by the bride’s mother decision to choose “a robot bridesmaid” for the wedding, but the latter eventually malfunction.

“Mechanical Souls” was not only selected as part of the Virtual Cinema Program but also nominated for five major award categories including “Excellence in Poster Design,” “360° Video: Narrative,” “Interactive,” “Storytelling,” and “Best Use of Immersive Arts.” It has also received a warm response from the audience after the screening at SXSW which ended on March 17.