Spain: Separatists clash with police in protest of far-right

Spain: Separatists clash with police in protest of far-right
A demonstrator throws a pallet onto a burning barricade during a protest against a rally by the Spanish far-right Vox party, in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday March 30, 2019. The nationalist Vox party has recently emerged onto the political scene by winning representation in regional elections in the country's south in December. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Police in Barcelona say they have arrested seven people during clashes with radical Catalan separatists protesting against a political rally by a new far-right party.

The regional police for Catalonia also say that five people suffered minor injuries Saturday, including one of their officers.

Three protesters were arrested for having attacked a person who was arriving in the large public square in downtown Barcelona to attend the rally by the far-right Vox party, police say.

Separatist protesters hurled rocks and burned wood in the middle of a street during clashes with riot police.

Vox is trying to win its first seats in the parliament in Madrid in national elections on April 28. The party takes a hard-line stance against Catalonia’s separatist movement.