A romantic journey across Chiayi County

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The High-Heel Wedding Church in Budai Township, Chiayi County recently launched its new AR experience hall, nicknamed “Cinderella.” The high-tech room allows you to fully immerse yourself in the dream-like fairy tale scene, like Cinderella taking a pumpkin carriage back to her castle, in the southwest coastal scenic area.

Discover the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area

The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area stretches across Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan with long extended coastline and unique coastal and wetland landscapes such as sand dunes, sandbanks, lagoons, and estuaries. Relevant industries such as salt manufacturing,  aquaculture,  and fishing thus thrive among the many well-preserved historic sites – Aogu Wetland, Jing- Zai-Jiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields, and Budai Tourist Fish Market, etc., are only a few of the many highlights that are part of Taiwanese culture.



A Two-Day romantic Journey

For a two-day tour, you can start from Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel at the first day, taking the bamboo raft to wander through the “Taiwanese diamond edition Amazon River” and relish the picturesque and exquisite mangrove within Taijiang National Park. Take a car to Qigu Salt Mountain, which stands as high as a six-story building, to witness the peculiar phenomenon and the history of salt industry in Taiwan.

Taiwan Salt Museum is right across Qigu Salt Mountain. It is the one and only theme museum that is about the salt industry in Taiwan. Jing-Zai-Jiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields is the bay salt field since the occupation of Qing Dynasty and the oldest tile-paved salt field site existing. The field draws pixelated collage-like art, which has now become the most characteristic spot alongside the Tainan coast. The Beimen Lagoon is right beside the salt field, reflecting the boundless sunset and skyline.

In the morning of the second day, go to Hao Mei Li 3D Painting Village. The 3D perspective drawing perfectly depicts the sea world vividly. The development of Budai Tourist Fish Market can be dated back to Kingdom of Tungning in the seventeenth century and the name is derived from its shape that looks like a cloth bag. At Budai Port, you can savor the freshest aquatic products to your heart’s content like fish, shrimp, and shellfish and even take the fishing raft out to the sea to take in the wetland ecosystem that is Taiwan exclusive.

As the night secretly falls, you can visit the “Cinderella” digital experience hall with six themed areas including the magic castle, movement-initiated AR virtual transformation, magical light wave, the pumpkin carriage ride, seaport and wetland ecosystem, and the projection of the southwest coastal scenic area. Have fun experiencing the classic troupes, for example, transform your dress with magic and dance with the prince, run before midnight for the carriage ride, and fit the high heel offered by the prince, drawing a perfect ending for your fantastical honeymoon journey.