2019 Penghu International Fireworks Festival features spectacular shows

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Penghu, an archipelago located southwest of the Taiwan Strait, is a holiday paradise rich in sun, beaches, and water activities. There is, therefore, little wonder that the upcoming annual Penghu International Fireworks Festival, held this year from April 18 to June 27, always attracts numerous visitors.

The fireworks will unfold on Mondays and Thursdays with an additional show on Mother’s Day. If you don’t want to stay with the crowds, you can also stand up on a paddle board in the middle of the sea and witness the spectacular scene with your loved ones. Far away from light pollution, you will get the best views of the rainbow bridge and downtown night scene with a much more tranquil surrounding.

Other than paddle boarding, wakeboarding is another popular water activity. For wakeboarding, you need to wear the wakeboard boots and grasp the rope attached to the stern. After you find out how to balance, you can easily ski on the water through the momentum provided by the motorboat.

Last but not least, another activity the beautiful Penghu islands have to offer is night squid fishing. The activity is extremely popular during summer time as squids swim to the waters of Penghu. Fishing offers visitors the chance of tasting the freshest grilled seafood.