Taiwan first military village hostel opens in Kaohsiung

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Thinking about where to travel in Taiwan? Well, there’s a new tourist attraction for you in Kaohsiung! Located in Zuoying District, Jianye New Village is the very first military village hostel in Taiwan. It’s now open to those who want to fully experience the “retro lifestyle.”

According to Wang Wen-tsui (王文翠), acting director-general of Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government (高雄市政府文化局), the program is the fruitful result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and Kaohsiung City Government. It further opens a brand-new page for cultural preservation, bringing benefits for both visitors and the city tourism.

The Ministry of Defense has been cooperating with the city’s cultural department since 2014 in hopes of diversifying the conservation of military villages. In this regard, Kaohsiung is setting an example in Taiwan by carrying out the “Protection of Military Villages through Residence” project.

Seven households have now obtained registration proper certification and kickstarted operations on April 3. One of the hostels features the Zen vibe by retaining the original household structure and providing antique furniture and craftsmanship. The other hostel “Keep a Little Light Art Hostel” (留小燈藝術眷村民宿), created by designer Chen Yi-lin (陳怡琳), further highlights handmade furniture that goes perfectly well with the old house, creating a warm environment like nowhere else for travelers to immerse in the charisma of Jianye New Village.